Long gone are the day’s companies had to pay a premium to lure skilled expats into the United Arab Emirates. The market is maturing and people want to be in the UAE. Therefore, as a candidate, the market is becoming more and more competitive due to the sheer numbers of people applying for each role. So how do you get noticed among the thousands of applicants for each role?

Here are 3 simple tips to help you maximize your chances of securing an interview.


Target Your Search

It is very simple, target roles and companies that make sense. Ask yourself where can I add value? What are my real qualities? Don’t apply for every role you see, this doesn’t look good to the person who has to filter through the thousands of CV’s, in fact, you may not even be seen as your CV may be among 5,000 other CV’s! Speaking from experience, when I log into my LinkedIn recruiter account and see the thousands of CV’s that have applied within the past 24 hours the only way to manage this is by filtering through via a keyword search or separating via industry sector to turn that 5000 applicants into a more manageable amount.

So, if you have extensive experience within the FMCG sector it makes sense for you to target roles within that sector or sectors that operate with a similar model.

If you’re an accountant don’t apply for CFO roles! You may be ambitious but your time will come!

Tailor Your CV

When you find a job opportunity that makes sense for you make sure you read the job description! Don’t just apply! You may read through the job description and know you have experience in  9 out of the 10 key responsibilities, but if they are not highlighted in your CV then how will the person recruiting know you have the experience needed? Your CV shouldn’t be a Novel, it should be a “short, Sharp” tool for you to highlight your experiences and how you can add value to the role you are applying for. So rather than sending a generic CV, it’s important that you tailor your CV for every role you apply for. That way you won’t get skimmed over on the word search by the recruiter or the hiring manager.

Follow Up

Make sure you keep track of where you are applying, there is no worse impression you can give than when you receive a call from the recruiter and you can’t remember which role you’ve applied for!

Do your research, find out who the decision maker is, add them on Linked In and follow up.