Calvin James was built by our people and those whom we represent. Helping you succeed is at the core of why we want to keep transforming recruitment for the better.

Our story

There aren't many places where you can literally change people's livelihood as your daily job. That's why we're passionate about building trustworthy and long term relationships with everyone that we connect with. As a result, we have formed a highly specialist team with a deep understanding of the people we represent.

Piers Holt
Head of HR Recruitment
Clint Eadie
Head of Legal & Compliance Recruitment
Calvin Lee-Pickett
CEO & Founder
Finance & Accounting Recruitment Specialist
Sam Mazzotta
Head of Digital, Tech & Marketing Recruitment
Sheila Adeoye
Head of Business Support Recruitment
Ravi Kumar
Head of Sales Recruitment
George Goodrich
Head of Finance & Accounting Recruitment

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