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  • We will equip you with the tools to increase your online visibility in a candidate heavy market within our 6 week Career Elevation Masterclass live with our Founder Calvin
  • Increase your application response rate
  • Full breakdown of job search life cycle, CV, Job application strategy, Networking with purpose, Interview
  • One to one mentoring with our founder
  • Exclusive networking events
  • Access to the Calvin James Recruitment team
  • Personal brand growth
  • Build, leverage and utilise your professional network
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A word from our founder

Calvin Lee-Pickett
Founder and CEO
Calvin James Recruitment
The Calvin James Community

The UAE market is unique, with over 2,000 applicants on average per job, it’s difficult to stand out, get feedback and to generally be seen. This is exactly why I created the Calvin James Community, to equip you with the tools to take control of your future, grow your network and increase your visibility to gain better opportunity.

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Nebil Saleh

Enrolling in Calvin's 6 week course was a game changer for me in navigating the opportunities in the Middle East. Calvin's personalised and dedicated approach in our 1-1 sessions and masterclass was a breath of fresh air. From enhancing my online presence and LinkedIn profile to crafting a winning CV, acing interviews, and expanding my network both online and in-person – the course covered it all.Before joining, my passive approach yielded no results. Now, recruiters are reaching out directly, and I'm confidently engaging in meaningful comments on posts. Being a founder member of the Calvin James community has been a privilege of connecting with like-minded individuals. After just 6 weeks, I wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone seeking success in their professional journey.

Akerke Amiraliyeva

Joining "The Calvin James Community" and participating in their masterclasses and mentorship program is a valuable investment in my professional development. Every week, the masterclasses on job search have been a game-changer for me. We have covered a wide range of topics, from LinkedIn and resume building to job search strategies and networking. The insights, strategies, and support I've gained has truly elevated my job hunting skills.One-on-one mentorship by Calvin is an excellent opportunity, plus I met amazing community members! I'm more confident and effective in my search than ever before Thank you, Calvin, for this incredible community!

Salim Dursunoglu

The Calvin James community is an invaluable platform that consistently nurtures personal and professional development. The recent program delivered exceptional content, aligning seamlessly with the community's shared interests and completely changed my point of view. In addition to the 6-week masterclass, the opportunity to have 1-1 sessions with you and feel your support and knowledge makes all the difference. Therefore, I wanted to share my perspective, and I wholeheartedly recommend this community/masterclass to everyone who is not getting the results they want from their job search and is looking to try something different. Eagerly anticipating future events and continued engagement with fellow members. Thank you for cultivating such a dynamic and great community

Ezekiel okelo

I tremendously enjoyed your Masterclass on LinkedIn profile optimization, CV Services, Application strategies and networking. I found your Masterclass to be packed with information and gems about the job market in the Middle East.During the six weeks period, I recorded an incredible improvement in my profile viewers which has resulted in an average of 5 headhunts weekly.My key takes away: Trust the process, consistency is key, build a strategy that makes sense, prepare for success and always network.I'm looking forward to continued assistance in this journey.

Increased Visibility = Increased Opportunity


One to One Profile Elevation

AED 1,000

Session Focus

LinkedIn Profile Review
(Raise your online visibility)
CV Review (Tailor to Impact)
Application Strategy
(Do less get more back)
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Community Membership

Annual AED 4,000
Monthly AED 350

What you get

6 week Career /Elevation Masterclass x3 one to one sessions with our founder Exclusive access to our monthly networking events Access to our Community portal and app First view of Calvin James Recruitment jobs Direct access to the Calvin James Recruitment team

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